I am so grateful and honored to receive these endorsements. These endorsement stand as a testament to our shared dedication to the values and principles that make our nation great.

Together, let's forge ahead with determination and unity, knowing that by working together, we can build a brighter future for our country.  

Being endorsed by these friends and neighbors is an immense honor, reflecting their trust in our vision and dedication to serving the interests of our community with integrity and passion. 
    Pat Knight
    Greg Knight
    Marilyn Brick
    John Bristol

         Keith Downey

    William Novacek
    Jon McCullough
    Marj Holsten
    Dale Johnson
    Mary Eggenberger
    Mark Workcuff
    Jackie Young
    Cindi Matthew
    Rick Andresen
    Cynthia Pannier
    Brian Hyvare
    Becky Moen
    Dennis Hogan
    Glyde Burdick
    Mary Shapiro
    Barry Kelner
    Angie Erhard
    Tom Styczinski
    Allan Parker
    Don Hedquist
    John Tschohl
    Jerry Kunkel
    Sabrina Stahn

        Gail Jude